The mission:
The frog-Fluidra collaboration purpose was to design an ICD (In-Can-Display) interface that could simplify and assist in-pool maintenance tasks, while leveraging their automation system. This with the goal of delivering an intuitive and low friction experience, whilst considering an identity track and iconography library, as they are in parallel to Fluidra’s DLS needs.
The smart home of the future is amazing, and currently the pool isn’t part of it. Pools have a surprisingly large amount of equipment to operate it, with required subset of “bells and whistles” that are necessary to operate. The frog team grounded the foundations for prioritizing and managing processes of Fluidra’s DLS, along with an iconography/illustration library that allows its use to be extended and strength the brand identity inside and outside the organisation.
Observing the work dynamics of Fluidra’s teams allowed the creation of custom tools that facilitated the whole company’s adoption and appropriation of the work at large — flows and DLS, horizontally from tech to design teams and vertically from homeowners to pool technicians.

- Design Language System
- Brand identity
- Iconography
The Fluidra's NGA Design System's patterns and components provide a unified language and consistent look-and-feel for designing products within the Fluidra Future iAquaLink ecosystem. The design team has kept and expanded these principles throughout the 3rd design phase and added new guidelines to better comply with contrast and arms length readability.
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